For virtual auctions we offer items that are priced right for patrons to actively bid on and we ship directly to the winners!


We strive to make the process very simple for the event organizers:



We offer up to 24 items, depending on event and fundraising goal. Consignment price is $100-$200 (which translates into 20%-25% of market value of items). There is no upfront cost for the non-profit organization to have our items in their auction! The organization will have our items on consignment and only pay for items that sell after the event concludes. If any items remain unsold, there is no charge. Our service is 100% risk free!

Photos & Description: 

We provide professional 2 high-resolution images per item and complete descriptions, to make uploading onto your auction platform a breeze. Our jewelry becomes the highlight of any fundraising event, bringing a nice pop of color and getting spirited bidding. All items are price strategically, allowing the charity to profit handsomely from the very first bid! Also, all of our items can be sold multiple times!


For virtual auction, we ship the items directly to winning bidders, covering all shipping expense and providing tracking information. We include a personalized "thank you" note, graciously thanking your patrons for supporting you in your fundraising efforts.



Once the auction ends, we reconcile with the non-profit organization and send an invoice for the consignment price. The non-profit pays only for items that sell at the event and our items can be sold multiple times! Every dollar above Consignment Price goes directly to your bottom line. A no-brainer for the non-profit organization!

Our Charity Partners love us!

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