Simple. Elegant. 100% Risk-free! Designed to maximize your revenue. Truly a game changer!

   Adding elegance and increasing your bottom line has never been easier! We want to partner with you, anywhere in the United States. We provide packages of 8-24 silent auction items that fit most upscale luncheons and galas. We've streamlined the process by shipping the jewelry directly to you, arriving in beautifully crafted packaging and ready to be displayed into your silent auction area the way they are (see image as example). Our items simply become an extension of your existing auction, with zero risk for your organization! 


   Below is an example of a package and we can ship anywhere in the US. We can scale up the number of items based on certain aspects of your event and all of our items can be sold multiple times!


  • They are great for evening galas or luncheons and for VIRTUAL FUNDRAISERS and ONLINE AUCTIONS!

  • Average net profits raised: $1,000-$7,000+ in net proceeds.

  • Opening bids are between $150-$250 on average! We also provide some luxury items that are priced sightly higher.

  • We email you: professional images of all jewelry items with complete description, market value and suggested opening bids,  so you can copy /paste /upload onto your auction platform.

  • 100% RISK FREE for the non-profit organization! There is no upfront cost.  We provide these items on consignment.

  • We only invoice for the consignment price after the event, for the items that sell. If any items remain unsold, they simply get returned to us. 

  • We can provide more items for your event and in addition, we can incorporate a Jewelry Pull.



   For virtual fundraisers and online auctions, once the auction ends, we can ship all items at our expense, to you or directly to your patrons. To learn more about the process, click here!


    Once we mutually decide that our items are a good fit for your event, we email you a Consignment Agreement to fill out. We then add your event to our shipping schedule and mail your package, at our expense, about 10 days before your event and email you a tracking number.


    Prior to shipping, we email you: hi-resolution images of all jewelry items, fair market value, our cost to non-profit, detailed descriptions, so you can input them in your auction system/create your bid sheets. We also provide you with our company logo and a nice advertorial, which you may want to use to pre-market and create further interest.


    Upon the conclusion of your event, we reconcile and invoice for the consignment price, only for the items that sold at your event. All net proceeds above that amount are retained by your organization. If any items remain unsold, they simply get returned to us, at your expense. There is no risk for you, only upside!

   We look forward to being a stunning addition to your silent auction and raising significant funds at your upcoming event! Contact us and let's create something special for your silent auction!


 "Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful jewelry with the Helene Foundation! It was a smash hit and I hope you will consider working with us for next year’s event.  We sold every piece and raised $4,445 in NET proceeds. The jewelry sparkled and was very popular! I am also happy to share our experience with others, so feel free to share my contact information!" - Susan Bowers, Executive Director - 

    "When our regular jewelry donor fell through this year, we had to do some quick thinking, as jewelry is a key part of our event’s silent auction. Eliza worked with us personally to ensure that all of the pieces would work for our crowd and customized everything to our needs. She checked in periodically to keep us informed of the process, and when the jewelry arrived, it took my breath away. Partnering with Jewels With A purpose was a no-brainer – in total, we raised more than $5,000 from the jewelry sales alone!" 

- Emma Craig, Fraser Foundation

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