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"Jewels With A Purpose is a joyful experience for the guests at your event!"

  • Jewels With A Purpose is a phenomenal addition to all fundraisers, elevating the level of sophistication and enhancing the look and feel of any auction. The outstanding quality and mainstream pricing of $50-$200 make this collection a simple, no-risk process that helps raise significant funds for beautiful causes and keeps supporters returning for more. Our timeless designs appeal to all donors. The stunning packaging, specifically crafted for the fundraising community makes this line unique, well respected in the community since there is no retail side to Jewels With A Purpose. All of our items are created exclusively for the fundraising community!


  • Jewels With A Purpose provides 100% Risk Free Packages to non-profit organizations and school fundraisers in all US markets! All of our items can be sold multiple times and we offer complimentary shipping for in-person events or directly to the auction winners for all virtual fundraisers. We make the process super simple for our partners and we have stellar reviews!​

  • Our European designs are timeless and each piece is beautifully crafted in 925 sterling silver with heavy gold overlay and the highest quality zirconia crystals - the best simulated diamonds ever created! We add new items all the time and we are excited about future products we are currently working on.

  • We offer packages for: Silent & Live Auctions, Opportunity Drawings and a fun Jewelry Pull! All options are on the table and we’re happy to assist you with a selection that best fits your event! With all of our items, you only pay for what sells at your event and there is no cost upfront! Just like with travel experiences, sports or music memorabilia – all of our packages are 100% risk free!

  • We are the leading & direct source of jewelry packages since 2005 and we helped raise millions of dollars for our charity partners

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Our process is seamless... Just 3 simple steps:

1. We're so easy to work with!


We provide professional photos and complete descriptions with market values, opening bids and bid increments. Uploading to your auction platform becomes a breeze. The jewelry adds spark to your auction, while raising significant funds for your cause!

We actively work with all major platforms, including: GiveSmart, GreaterGiving, 32Auctions, Bidding Owl, OneCause, Auctria, Handbid, Qtego, ClickBid, SchoolAuction and many more...

2. Free shipping! 

For Virtual Events, we ship the items directly to the winners, covering all shipping expense and providing tracking information. We include a personalized handwritten note of gratitude, thanking your patrons for supporting your cause.

For In-person Events, we ship the jewelry directly to you by Priority Mail ten days before your event and we provide tracking information. 

Our customized jewelry boxes transform into luxury displays (image attached), which greatly simplifies the set-up for your auction team!

3. Easy invoicing & only pay for items that sell!

Once the auction ends, you simply let us know which items sold and we email you an invoice for the consignment cost. You are not responsible for items that don't receive bids! Every dollar above consignment cost goes directly to your bottom line. After your event is complete, only pay for what you sell.


One of the great benefits of adding our jewelry to your auction is that all of our items can be sold multiple times. This will help you to raise even more funds for your cause! 

In this virtual auction (image shown as example), the 8 jewelry items raised $830 in net profit for the cause! 

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Jewels With A Purpose on display at various fundraisers... 

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Jewels With A Purpose display at the Osc
Jewelry Giving Tree

We work very hard to create outstanding results and success stories...

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The Power Of Jewelry Auctions For Your Charitable Cause

Americans are among the most charitable people in the world. Here are some stats about charitable giving in 2019, gathered from Giving USA 2020:


  • Americans gave almost $450 billion in 2019 in charitable gifts to organizations. This was up 5% over 2018.

  • The majority of that money was donated by individuals. In 2019, individuals donated roughly $310 billion, roughly 69% of all donations given.

  • Lastly but not least, charitable donations by individuals have grown consistently over the last several years.

Why Jewels With a Purpose is a Great Charitable Partner

Jewels With a Purpose is a great partner for your charitable donation event. First and foremost, our items are of exceptional quality and have a very good consignment price (anywhere from $50 to $200). For online donations, the average donation amount people tend to make is $128. For recurring donations, people tend to give an average of $326 to their favorite organization. The consignment price of our jewelry will help you increase the average donation that people might tend to make over other silent auction items.


Jewels With a Purpose has a unique approach that helps over 600 non-profit organizations across all 50 states. Jewels With a Purpose has an exclusive European-designed jewelry collection that can be used in silent auctions at luncheons, galas, and other similar events. This is the only jewelry collection that is not sold in retail locations, but is packaged specifically for the fundraising industry. WIth the ongoing pandemic, Jewels With a Purpose will also supports virtual events beautifully.


Jewels With a Purpose also supports a wide variety of different organizations that go along with people’s donation preferences:


  • Educational charities were popular in 2016, with more than 14% of all donations.

  • Human service charities made up 12% of all donations in 2016.

  • Health charities were 9% of all donations made in 2016.


Of the 600 different charities that Jewels With a Purpose has supported over the years, our jewelry is perfect for virtually any type of virtual donation or silent auction event.


If you are hosting a virtual event, we make it easy for your auction:


  • We ship all of your items directly to the winners and take care of your shipping expenses and tracking.

  • We will also send your winners a thank you note, thanking them for supporting your cause.


Jewels With a Purpose also has a mix and match of jewelry that is perfect for everyone. Earrings are among the most popular types of jewelry purchased. Around 44% of 30 to 49 year olds owned some type of jewelry in 2018. This age group is also one of the biggest demographics that typically make sizable donations to charitable organizations. Our jewelry is a great fit for people who like fine jewelry.


Some of the popular items that we offer as part of our auction consignment services include:


  • Bracelets: One of the most popular types of bracelets that we offer include the Arm Candy Bracelet.

  • Jewelry Sets: Some of our sets include a necklace, earrings, and ring.

  • Individual Jewelry Pieces: These include individual earring sets, rings, and necklaces.


Our jewelry is also made of some of the highest-quality materials available. Our materials include 925 sterling silver with gold overlay as well as zirconium. Also, our items would not typically be available to the non-profit community because our items are not sold in a retail setting.

Stats About Virtual Donations and Online Fundraisers

Online donations and virtual galas are starting to gain traction with people. In fact, the majority of people nowadays tend to prefer to make donations to their favorite charitable donations online.

54% of donors prefer to make their donations online.


Virtual fundraising makes it very easy for donors and your charitable organization. During the traditional silent auction, donors have to wait for the auction to end, worry about picking up their items, and find a preferred way to pay. Virtual donations and online fundraisers make supporting one’s favorite organizations easy. People can donate to their favorite causes from the comfort of their own home or with the convenience of their mobile phone.


Another benefit of virtual donations and online fundraisers are that things happen in real time. Once a person makes a donation, they receive a thank you letter and tax receipt after the silent auction is over. Your organization will also get the donor’s information electronically so that the process of nourishing that relationship will happen electronically over time. Credit card, debit card, and PayPal are among the most popular ways to make a donation, too.

Nearly two-thirds of donations to charitable organizations are made by women.

Jewels With a Purpose caters particularly well to women, who make 64% of all charitable donations. Many women will find our European jewelry designs appealing. Many men will also be inspired to participate in your virtual donation event or online fundraiser because jewelry is a personalized item that they can give as a gift to someone special in their life.

Many people prefer to make their donations during the holidays.

Holiday charitable activity is a huge driver for many nonprofit organizations. In fact, around 43% of people donate more during the holidays than they do during the rest of the year. Many people who are making their end-of-year donations are thinking about ways to help their organization. They are also thinking about ways to get their charitable donations made in time for the end of the tax year. For your holiday fundraiser, here is how Jewels With a Purpose can help guide your success:


  • We have an inventory of great items, which lets you plan your event in advance.

  • All of our items include great images that can help you promote your online donation event.

  • We take care of shipping and tracking, making it easy for your auction winners to get their items.


Some Ideas To Promote Charitable Giving At Your Next Online Virtual Auction

Here are some ideas to promote your next online virtual auction with items from Jewels With a Purpose:


  • Consider a one-day email flash fundraiser or social media sharing event as a “silent opening” for your online charitable donation event. This is a good idea because email fundraising and social media drives about ⅓ of all online donations.

  • Consider a donation matching drive. Matching gifts can help increase your average donation size.

  • A virtual gala fundraiser is a popular and classy way to promote our jewelry and grow donations for your favorite charitable organization.

  • Live streaming can help nurture, attract, and increase your relationships with potential donors for your organization.


When considering email or social media to promote a jewelry donation event, it is important to take into account that female donors are more likely to respond to social media while male donors are going to respond to an email campaign.


Promoting your in-person or virtual event is also going to be a high priority. Successful marketing components for a charitable event include:


  • Your company and your charitable organization’s social media profiles. For example, before your event, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms can be used to reach a multitude of people

  • The blog of your company and charitable organization’s website. Press releases via a blog can describe the goals of your event.

  • Anyone within your company or charitable organization who is delegated as a volunteer ambassador. Members of your company can use their social media accounts to share posts about your upcoming event.


Ambassadors for your in-person or virtual donation event are a high-priority marketing effort. These individuals will help promote your event to their friends, family, and coworkers. If you are working with ambassadors, setting goals for registrations and donations will help increase engagement at your event.

Should You Have An In-Person or Virtual Donation Event To Promote Your Organization?


If you are thinking about whether to make your organization’s event be in-person or virtual, there are a couple of stats to think about when it comes to donations and donor retention. For offline donation events, 31% of first-time donors are retained for over a year versus 25% of first-time donors who make their donations online. However, virtual events have taken off in late 2020 and early 2021. For example:


  • In 2020, the number of organizations having virtual events doubled.

  • The majority of organizations who hand a virtual event spend less on virtual events than they do in-person ones.


Online donations also give way to easier payment methods that people prefer. Around 55% of donors of all age groups prefer to make a donation online via credit card or debit card. Some people also prefer PayPal. In the day of online and in-person credit card payments, very few people prefer to make a donation with check, cash, or bank and wire transfer.

Setting Up Goals and Guidelines For Your In-Person or Virtual Fundraising Event

Before you launch your fundraising event in partnership with Jewels With a Purpose, there are some logistical guidelines and goals that will help you reach your donation targets:


  • Think about the date or date range over which your event will occur. For virtual donation events, a longer date range will help your auction reach more people.

  • How many people would you like to engage online with your virtual event? If you are hosting an in-person event, how many people will be on your attendance list? Knowing this will help with item procurement and your event venue.

  • How long will you need to plan your event? On average, events that have 6 to 10 months of planning are more successful.


In terms of goals for your event, you might want to consider the following:


  • How many new donors do you want to attract for your charity?

  • What revenue goal is appropriate for your selected number of attendees?

  • How does your event attract past donors to your charitable organization?


Pricing jewelry for your in-person or virtual event is also a high priority. Jewels With a Purpose can help your charitable donation event with this. Here are some things to take into consideration:


  • Establish a fair market value for each jewelry item to be included in the auction.

  • For bidders, any amount over the item’s fair market value will be tax deductible.

  • Placing the starting bid at 40% to 50% of an item’s fair market value with bid increments of 10% to 15% is a good idea.

  • Offering a “buy now” option at 150% to 200% of an item’s fair market value will increase bidder engagement, and ultimately your organization’s revenue for the event.

Frequently Asked Questions About In-Person and Virtual Donation Events

Who can host silent auctions with items from Jewels With a Purpose?

Any organization can use our jewelry to succeed with their fundraising goals. Jewels With a Purpose has helped over 600+ organizations in all 50 states.


Can silent auctions be held as standalone events or in conjunction with larger events?

Silent auctions tend to do very well as standalone events. That being said, working with Jewels With a Purpose in the context of a larger event can increase the success of your fundraising efforts.


How many items should a fundraising event have on hand for its donation efforts?

As a rule, it is a good idea to have a few auction items for every spender at your event. For example, if you have 50 people at your silent auction event, you should plan on having Jewels With a Purpose provide 12 to 20 items (since couples tend to frequent these types of events).


What items will be best for a silent auction or virtual donation event?

Knowing the average donation amounts of your donors, as well as their interests, will help you select the perfect Jewelry from Jewels With a Purpose.


Are silent auction items tax deductible?

Yes. Items purchased at a silent auction are tax deductible within the IRS’s charitable donations criteria. In fact, tax deductions are one of the most common reasons that people are willing to make a donation to a charitable organization.

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