We've created a truly modern approach to fundraising by offering stunning jewelry to fundraisers - items that are priced right for patrons to actively bid on!


Curating auction items is quite a challenging task for fundraising committees. As a refreshing addition to a typical assortment of shrink-wrapped gift baskets and bottled wine, we've meticulously crafted a stunning, yet affordable jewelry collection that is 100% risk-free for virtual fundraisers and live galas!


The non-profit community wouldn't normally have access to our line because we don't offer it through stores. Instead we pass all the middleman commissions and profits on to the charities that we support. 


We offer up to 24 items, depending on event and attendance. The nonprofit cost / consignment price is around $100-$200 (20%-25% of market value). The non-profit pays only for items that sell at the event. We provide professional high-resolution images and complete descriptions, this way you just copy / paste onto your auction platform. Our jewels become the highlight of any fundraising event and get spirited bidding. All items are price strategically, allowing the charity to profit handsomely from the very first bid!


  • For local events, we deliver the jewelry personally 1-2 weeks prior to your event. We're also happy to display the items for you the day of.

  • For long distance events, we ship the jewelry at our expense, directly to the non-profit organization (or event organizers) by Priority Mail, 10 days prior to the event. We provide tracking information and check in regularly.

  • For virtual galas, we ship directly to winning bidders (drop ship at our expense) and provide tracking information. 



Our customized jewelry box transforms into a luxury display for in-person events, making it very easy for the event organizers to place the jewelry within their silent auction, without requiring additional displaysEach jewelry package is clearly labeled to match up with the item name and number (for easy check-out). 



Once the auction ends, we reconcile with the non-profit organization and send an invoice for the consignment price. The non-profit pays only for items that sell at the event and our items can be sold multiple times! Every dollar above Consignment Price goes directly to your bottom line. A no-brainer for the non-profit organization!

We can add a Jewelry Pull for live galas!


   Our Jewelry Pull is a gorgeous display of 20-50 of our signature bags, each containing a different necklace or earrings. Both inviting and interacting for your guests, it gives everyone the opportunity to participate in your fundraising efforts.


   The jewelry tree is only offered in our local markets, such as San Diego and Atlanta (and all surrounding areas), while for all long distance events, we provide a Jewelry Pull. In this case, we ship our attractive shopping bags, each containing one item, packaged in our signature boxes (a great variety of necklaces or earrings)!

Our Charity Partners love us!

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