Our No-Risk Packages are a fantastic addition to your fundraising event!

Our European designs are timeless and the entire collection is created for the fundraising community! Each jewelry piece is beautifully crafted in solid 925 sterling silver with heavy gold overlay and Europe's world-renowned zirconia crystals - the best simulated diamonds ever created! The attractive handbags are made of vegan, ethical leather, with the finest hardwares and outstanding quality stitching! The exclusive cost to nonprofit for our items is $50-$200 makes it a simple, zero-risk process and helps raise significant funds. 

Add as many items as you'd like from our collection, since you only pay for those that sell at your event! Just like with travel experiences, sports or music memorabilia - our items are 100% risk free!

1. Add 6-12 items to your Silent Auction and raise hundreds or thousands of dollars!

Below we feature our most popular, current designs. Most organizations add 5-12 packages to their Silent Auction. We always help with the selection process, based on attendance and your fundraising goals.