Our No-Risk Jewelry Packages are a fantastic addition to your fundraising event!

Our European designs are timeless and the entire collection is created for the fundraising community! Each piece is beautifully crafted in 925 sterling silver with heavy gold overlay and Europe's world-renowned zirconia crystals - the best simulated diamonds ever created! The outstanding quality and exclusive cost to nonprofit of $50-$200 makes it a simple, zero-risk process and helps raise significant funds. This collection is created exclusively for fundraisers and not available for purchase through any retail channels.

Add as many items as you'd like from our collection, since you only pay for those that sell at your event! Just like with travel experiences, sports or music memorabilia - our items are 100% risk free!

1. Add 6-12 items to your Silent Auction and raise hundreds or thousands of dollars!

Below we feature just a few of our popular and most current designs. Most organizations add 5-12 jewelry packages to their Silent Auction + a fun Jewelry Pull. We always help with the selection process, based on your fundraising goals.


2. Add a fun Jewelry Pull and raise an additional $1,000-$3,000!

Description: Very similar to the "wine pull" concept, our Jewelry Pull is a phenomenal way to raise extra dollars for your cause. A stunning display for an in-person event, super fun and interactive for your guests, it gives everyone the opportunity to participate in your fundraising efforts for $79-$100, while walking away with a stunning jewelry piece!


Shipping & Packaging: We provide 20-50 grab bags, including a great variety of necklaces, earrings and bracelets. All pieces arrive individually packaged in our signature jewelry boxes, engraved with "generosity, philanthropy, compassion". Upon arrival, the boxes will be placed inside the shopping bags, along with white tissue paper and ready to be displayed at your event. This will bring something unique, refreshing and inviting for your guests!

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Jewels With A Purpose Giving Tree.jpg
Jewelers With A Purpose Jewelry Pull.JPG

NOTE: We provide our Jewelry Pull in all U. S. markets, while our signature Generosity Tree (shown below) we make available in the Southern California and Atlanta. Both options work the same way and they create a beautiful synergy when offered in addition to our Silent Auction items. If you work with an event planner and would like to create your own Jewelry Tree, we will provide the grab bags and give you some creative advise on how to accomplish it. Let's discuss the possibilities and make your event extra special!


3. Add a stunning piece to your Live Auction and raise a few thousands!

We have had great success with raising substantial funds for numerous non-profits organizations through our luxury jewelry collection! Below, please find a few of our most popular No-Risk Jewelry Packages, which we make available for Live Auctions throughout the United States. All of our packages can be sold multiple times (the same way as travel, sports and memorabilia).

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