Jewelry Auction Program

If you are setting up your first silent auction program, you probably have a lot of questions. Jewels With a Purpose has everything that you need in order to get your auction going. Let’s take a look at how our program can help you support your favorite charity. The most enticing element of our program is that it is 100% risk-free for your organization. Any item that you do not sell, you will not owe any money on.

How Does Jewels With a Purpose Make Planning An Auction Easier?

If you have set up a silent auction or gala event in the past, you probably are familiar with the lengthy procurement process. Typically, you will need to set up an auction committee to go find items from merchants in your community. This can present several different challenges:

● When the economy is harder, businesses may not be willing or able to donate a high-ticket item.

● Finding someone on the auction committee with the right connections to secure items can be difficult.

● There are logistical elements, such as thank you cards and fulfillment that can make planning an auction difficult.

Jewels With a Purpose can help overcome these challenges. With our jewelry auction program, we make it 100% risk-free to select the items you want to make sure that your auction or gala event is a success.

Our Jewelry Auction Program Is a Perfect Fit For Your Organization

Jewels With a Purpose makes it very easy to set up your silent auction or gala event. First and foremost, our items are affordable. All of the jewelry that we offer costs anywhere from $50 to $200 per item. If an item does not sell at your event, there is no risk to you or your organization. When an item is sold to a winning bidder, the proceeds, minus the cost of the item, go to your organization. You are only responsible for the items that you sell. Here are some of the other areas where Jewels With a Purpose helps with the logistics of your event:

● All of our items come with packaging that makes it easy to fashionably display at your auction.

● You can get six to twelve pieces of the same jewelry if you anticipate that it will be a popular item.

● We take care of all the logistics, such as payment processing, shipping and fulfillment (this is especially important if you are having an online auction or a virtual event). For in-person events, we ship the jewelry directly to you.

Over 700 organizations have worked with Jewels With a Purpose to support their causes. We make it easy to find items for your auction or gala event so that you can sell as many of a popular item that you like, as well as give you items that will make a profit for your organization.