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Top 5 Reasons to Include Jewelry in Fundraisers

The pandemic has made organizing the perfect charity fundraiser a difficult task. While typical donation ideas might not be accessible at this time, you can easily meet your donation goals by using jewelry at your next fundraising event. Here are some reasons that you might want to consider working with Jewels With a Purpose.

Our Jewelry Is Highly Reliable for Both Online Auctions and Virtual Events

How else would you fundraise at a black tie gala? Jewelry is a classic and timeless gift and accessory. It's universal, unlike other fundraising efforts that may not have such a wide target audience. Jewelry is also easy to ship and won't be damaged. Jewelry donation is highly successful and brings awareness to your cause. Jewels With A Purpose has raised almost 3 millions dollars for organizations like yours.

Our Jewelry Is Of the Highest Quality For Your Charity Fundraiser

Jewels With A Purpose serves fundraisers with amazing quality jewelry. From bracelets to necklaces featuring diamonds to other jewels, all the jewelry is the highest quality made to serve your charity fundraising. The jewelry is also all hypoallergenic, so nobody has to think twice before helping you meet your goals. Our jewelry is crafted from 925 sterling silver with a gold overlay. Also, our jewelry is not available to retailers and is exclusively created for online auctions, virtual donation events, and in-person events as the pandemic winds down.

Online Auctions and Virtual Events Are Simple When You Work With Jewels With a Purpose

We make online auctions and virtual events easy. Jewels With A Purpose offers a solution for you and your guests that will keep them and their families safe. Your charity auctions can be held online, in-person, or hybrid. For your convenience, you can silent auction jewelry from the comfort of your home. This is the perfect solution until you can get back to the glamorous black tie gala you miss. We take care of ths shipping, tracking, and thank you note so that your donors get the items they won in a timely manner.

We’ve Helped Countless Organizations With Their Online Auctions and In-Person Events

You only pay for the jewelry you sell. Jewels With A Purpose has served over 600 organizations and offers free shipping either to your home in person fundraising or to your patrons for fundraising jewelry online. Their jewelry collection is specifically designed and packaged for your fundraiser. With easy invoicing and professional photos, your charity auctions are guaranteed to be a hit.

Jewelry Lasts Forever

Unlike candles and car washes, jewelry lasts forever. From gala to silent auction jewelry will remind the patron of the act of kindness they did by donating and will proudly display that cause. It will be a proud piece of jewelry they display and can inform friends and families about the cause you raised funds for. Next time you fundraise, you will probably have more patrons as well!

There is really no wrong way to fundraise, but jewelry has a lot of benefits and will never go out of style. Hundreds of people will testify that jewelry donation is the way to meet your goals and create beautiful memories. If you are considering a fundraiser, you can't go wrong by going to Jewels With A Purpose and seeing how their easy and helpful team can assist you with your fundraiser.

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