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Welcome to the Jewels With A Purpose Boutique! 

Due to high demand from our supporters, we created this boutique for ongoing fundraising


Our mission is to make a difference in the world through our stunning jewelry designs. When you purchase from our boutique we joyfully give back 20% of your purchase to the causes that you care about. Your purchase also directly supports our ability to continue helping thousands of nonprofits raise money to make a bigger impact and fulfill their mission.

Wear our beautiful designs proudly knowing that you helped make our world a better place.


We donate 20% of your purchase to organizations that support the causes featured below.

Animal Welfare

Mental Health

Health & Disabilities

Women & Youth

Police & Veterans

Each piece in our exclusive jewelry collection is beautifully crafted in solid 925 sterling silver with heavy gold overlay and world-renowned zirconium - the best-simulated diamonds and precious stones ever created!

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