Welcome to Jewels With A Purpose!

We provide high-quality, yet affordable Sterling Silver jewelry for virtual galas and other fundraising events, with zero risk for the auction

organizers. We offer stunning pieces, which the fundraising community wouldn't normally have access to because we don't sell our collection

through stores. Instead, we pass all the middleman commissions and profits on to the non-profit organizations. 


With 15+ years of experience in the non-profit world, we've successfully raised over $2 million for our charity partners. Our items maximize the funds raised at fundraising events and make any auction stand out! 


We're based in San Diego (with a branch in Atlanta) and we fully support organizations in all 50 states. On average, we raise $2,500-$14,000 per


Our program is RISK-FREE, we don't charge a fee for our services and there is no upfront cost to partner with us!

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Contact us now to reserve auction items for your event! It would be our pleasure to help you meet your fundraising goal!

Consignment means no upfront cost & no risk

Add elegance & refresh your Silent Auction

Zero effort for your auction organizers

Exclusive jewelry, appreciated by the patrons

Increase the bottom line of your event

Free Priority Shipping anywhere in the US

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