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Jewels With A Purpose

Serving the philanthropic community since 2005, with the mission to change the world of fundraising one auction at a time!


Our jewelry is beautifully crafted in solid 925 sterling silver with heavy gold overlay and world-renowned zirconium - the best-simulated diamonds and precious stones ever created! Each piece goes through a special process, starting with high polish, followed by a coating of palladium, then platinum, and finished off with a layer of rhodium or yellow gold. Jewels With A Purpose is known for: timeless elegant design, luxurious look and feel and everlasting quality.


We support nonprofits and schools by offering our beautiful jewelry for charity auctions. We have raised millions for the community and have been working very successfully with thousands of organizations throughout the United States, crossing borders into Canada and England.

Our exclusive, curated collections are designed in California by European founder and designer Eliza Friedman. She finds her inspiration from elements in nature as well as the couture houses in Europe.

Learn how we can help your nonprofit or school raise significant funds!

Use Our Unique Approach and Increase Revenue at Your Next Gala!

Would you like to create additional revenue at your next auction with zero effort from your team? 

We offer risk-free auction packages at 40%-60% below retail to help maximize auction fundraising! We provide professional photos and complete descriptions with market values, opening bids, and bid increments. Uploading to your auction platform is a breeze. Our packages add value and enhance the look and feel of your auction while raising significant funds for your bottom line!

​We actively work with all major digital auction platforms, including GiveSmart, GreaterGiving, 32Auctions, Bidding Owl, OneCause, Auctria, Handbid, Qtego, ClickBid, SchoolAuction, and many more.

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We Provide Everything You Need!
We Always Ship Free!

For In-person events, we ship the jewelry directly to you by Priority Mail ten days before your event and provide tracking information. Our customized jewelry boxes transform into luxury displays which greatly simplifies the set-up for your auction team!​  

For all virtual events, we ship the items directly to the winners, along with a handwritten note of gratitude, thanking them for supporting your fundraiser. We cover all shipping expenses.

You Only Pay For Items That Sell!

Once the auction ends, you let us know which items sold, and we will email you an invoice for the consignment cost. You are not responsible for items that don't receive bids! Every dollar above consignment cost goes directly to your bottom line. After your event is complete, only pay for what you sell.


One of the great benefits of adding our jewelry to your auction is that all of our items can be sold multiple times. This will help you to raise even more funds for your cause!

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Nonprofit Testimonials
Established in 2005.png

We have been the leading & direct source of risk-free jewelry fundraising packages since 2005 and have helped raise millions of dollars for our charity partners! 

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  A Story of Courage, Freedom & Hope

   Every dream starts like a Caterpillar’s journey. It goes through dark nights and long days of waiting and hoping for that day to arrive... the day when all struggles, all suffering and all doubts will come to a breakthrough... when all emotions of better days are blossoming into one masterpiece, patiently hoped and wished to reveal... under the same sky, under the collective dream of becoming the true self.

   This is the story of me, the story of you, of every single butterfly that once believed into the magic of transforming, into the power of manifesting the life that's pushing against every dark night, which might seem endless. Because it isn’t! 

Through pain, every creature is transforming, through hope, every creature is evolving. To have the COURAGE to hold on to your vision and the FREEDOM to believe that you can overcome every challenge and hardship, we are becoming the HOPE for the rest of us, for those who are still in the Caterpillar dream of revealing our true beauty with the help of humanity, within a gentle environment. 

  For some of us, who haven’t yet found the COURAGE and support to become the butterflies that we all are... I dedicate this story to YOU. 


   Much love and gratitude,

   Eliza Friedman, Founder & Designer

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