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Our Story

Jewels With A Purpose was founded in 2005 by Eliza Friedman. Each piece she creates is intentionally crafted to raise funds for charity and delight donors. Eliza's stunning designs are offered to charity organizations in the form of auction packages, which are beautifully displayed at fundraising events, raising significant funds for meaningful causes.

The pay-it-forward mentality and the unique business approach has spearheaded the company to grow at a very fast pace. Thousands of organizations have benefitted from the attractive collections, and millions of dollars have been raised for wonderful causes and schools!

Jewels With A Purpose continues to provide outstanding service and a great variety of unique items to event organizers who are looking to enhance their auction and offer exciting pieces to their supporters. 


In addition, their fun Jewelry Pull is currently making strides as a perfect auction add-on for fundraising events!


Click the button below to learn more about our jewelry fundraising packages.

Meet Our Team
Eliza Friedman.jpg

Eliza Friedman

Founder / Designer / CEO

Victoria Rosetti.jpg

Victoria Rosetti

Regional Director / Atlanta


Scott Friedman

Development Director

Dragos photo.jpg

Julian Stoica

Business Development

Angie Lasagna

Global Partnership Director

Dragos Vasiliu

Regional Director / Canada

Francesca Sarkhosh.jpg

Francesca Sarkhosh
Regional Director / San Diego

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