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Who can host silent auctions with items from Jewels With a Purpose?

Any registered nonprofit organization can use our jewelry and handbags to succeed with its fundraising goals. Jewels With a Purpose has helped over 1000+ organizations in all 50 states.


Can silent auctions be held as a standalone or in conjunction with larger events?

Silent auctions tend to do very well as standalone events. That being said, working with Jewels With a Purpose in the context of a larger event can increase the success of your fundraising efforts.


How many items should a fundraising event have on hand for its donation efforts?

As a rule, it is a good idea to have a few auction items for every spender at your event. For more guidance, visit our For Nonprofits page to learn about which package is right for your event.

How does Risk-Free work?

Risk-Free means you can feature an item at your auction and only pay for it if it sells at the conclusion of your event.​​​ Our risk-free fundraising collections are priced at wholesale, 40%-60% below the retail value. The nonprofit keeps the profit after paying for the item's wholesale cost. For example, if an item is priced at $75 wholesale and sells for $200 at auction, you will receive $125. ​​

What is a Jewelry Pull?

Similar to the "wine pull" concept, our Jewelry Pull is a phenomenal way to raise extra dollars for your cause. A stunning display for an in-person event, super fun and interactive for your guests, gives everyone the opportunity to make a small donation and walk away with a stunning jewelry piece worth $200.

If you are hosting an in-person auction event, you may add our Jewelry Pull to fundraising packages #2 and #3. We will ship 25 to 50 jewelry bags (depending on which package you select), which include a vast variety of stunning necklaces, earrings, and bracelets made of solid 925 sterling silver with the highest quality zirconia stones. All pieces will arrive individually packaged in our signature jewelry boxes, engraved with "generosity, philanthropy, compassion" and placed in small shopping bags, tied up with a white organza ribbon. All packages we provide are ready to be displayed in your auction within minutes!

Are silent auction items tax deductible?

Yes. Items purchased at a silent auction are tax deductible within the IRS's charitable donations criteria. In fact, tax deductions are one of the most common reasons people are willing to donate to a charitable organization.

What is the wholesale price (or nonprofit price) range for the Jewels With A Purpose collection?

Our exclusive price to the nonprofit community is $65-$200. In addition, we offer all packages on a consignment basis, and you only pay for those that sell at your event! This makes it a simple, zero-risk process for our clients and raising significant funds at your event! 

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