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EVERYDAY CLASSIC Fundraising Package

Fill out the form below and once you press "submit", we will email you within 1-2 business days with step by step

process and all the details, including photos, descriptions, wholesale pricing, opening bids, bid increments.


NOTE: In order to be approved for this fundraising package, your organization must be a verified charity.

We reserve the right to decline any request that may not be a good fit for our program.

Jewels With A Purpose
EVERYDAY CLASSIC Fundraising Package
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If you will need items shipped to your in-person event, please fill out the boxes below. Please skip if you are hosting a virtual-only event.
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Please review and agree to our Terms of Use.
  • Jewels With A Purpose will provide your organization with our exclusive, stunning jewelry and self-display packaging for your upcoming auction on a risk-free consignment basis! We will provide photos, item descriptions, market values, and opening bids to simplify the process for you. We are committed to your success.

  • If your silent auction is an in-person auction, we ship the jewelry directly to you 10 days prior to your event, email you tracking information once it ships, and contact you after it arrives. Jewels With A Purpose will pay for the outbound shipping. If any items are unsold after your event concludes, you will be responsible to pay for any return shipping of the jewelry to us (this cost, if any, is very minimal). We feel this is the fairest approach in our partnership.

  • If your event is a virtual/online auction, we provide free shipping directly to the auction winners. We ask that you email us the winner’s names, mailing addresses, and email addresses so we can email tracking information. We will beautifully package and ship to them immediately upon payment of your invoice.

  • Upon the conclusion of your event, please email us within 2 business days with an update of items sold and we will email an invoice to you for the wholesale cost of the sold items, along with a W-9. Our invoice terms are payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. We will also provide you with easy instructions for the return of any unsold items to minimize the return shipping cost.

  • If you are having an in-person event and we physically ship the jewelry to you, we ask that you please safeguard the jewelry against any loss or damage while the items are in your possession, including the return of any unsold items to us. In a sense of fairness, we will invoice you for any unsold items that are not returned to us within 14 days after the conclusion of your event. Your prompt return of any unsold items is greatly appreciated.

By checking this box, you agree to the process and responsibilities outlined in the Terms of Use. 

Thanks for submitting!

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